One Run, One Meal, One Day


I’m alive…and I have a small problem

I read a lot of posts, but never feel like I have anything worthy of posting. 

But today I have a problem, a good problem, but it’s messing with my head.  So here it goes:

About a month ago my massage therapist encouraged me to try crossfit, something I have always viewed as too expensive and a little scary.  That day I did a search and low and behold one of the local crossfit gyms had a groupon.  Which I promptly purchased and redeemed 4 days later.  I did 4 of the 6 foundations classes, they condensed them a bit for me because of my background in olympic lifting and then joined the classes.  After less than 3 weeks I’m hooked. 

The problem is though that I don’t just want to crossfit, I want to compete again in olympic lifting.  Today I looked up the qualifying total I would need for provincials and it’s pretty reasonable.  I got in touch with an old friend to find a competition to qualify and I may have thrown my hat back into the ring before I’ve even strung together heavy clean and jerks.  I’m not sure what I have to gain from competing again, other than having fun I suppose.  It seems a bit nutty in fact.

Tonight at the gym it was a strength day.  I managed to back squat 210x3 for fairly easy reps.  And then power snatched from the hang 45kg.

So my problem is good, I want to get back into competition and I guess the only problem is the fact that I think I’m a nutter for wanting back into that life. 

End ramble.

I can’t help you right now, I’m only on my fourth coffee.



This is how I feel today. Delayed call bell response.

Dec 8

Just re-read 3 years of blog posts.

Thoughts: I need to rediscover that girl.  I like that girl.  

Sunday night shift

Tonight marks the 100 hours worked in 8 days…so tired.  One more night shift and then I get 5 off.  So ready for a break.  Even the patients are starting to ask when I get a day off.

I’m also hoping during my next set I get a break from being the charge nurse.  Of those 100 hours, only 2 weekdays for 8 hours have I not been in charge.  Now that I’m covering on a unit that is attempting to have short stays we have a revolving door of patients.  Lots of admissions and lots of screening for appropriate patients. 

Sometime it also feels a scary to be in charge…I graduated 11 months ago and everyone I’m working with has less experience than me.  When people are turning to me to have all the answers, know all the procedures and understand everything I feel so much pressure. 

Night shift rant off.  The good news is that after midnight I get stat pay.  And I am only 5.5 hours away from my cozy bed.

Nov 5

Hi-ho ho-ho

It’s off for overtime I go.  I worked days Friday, Saturday, a 16 hour night Sunday, a regular night last night and now I’m in for overtime tonight.  I will be happy to have 2 days away from the hospital before going back for my regular shift Friday. 

I took this overtime shift specifically to support my trip to the Sugoi factory sale they have here every year.  Bike jersey’s for as low as 15 dollars, sports bras for 10, and pretty much everything under the sun for an awesome price.

Nov 5

This is my hometown.  This course, this race…I’ve done the half 3 times and the marathon will be added to my race list one day.  

Nov 4

Nurses are a resilient bunch. It’s sort of like being in a circus and doing a juggling act on a high wire, and hoping you don’t drop the ball. Or maybe it’s more like being in a bull ring and fending off conflict. As the front line person, nurses are the target of the hospital battlefield. Often the mediator between the patient and the doctor; the arbitrator with family and patient issues; the referee with unit conflict, a go-between from administration to patient care, an umpire if you happen to be in charge, and a negotiator with difficult patients, nursing supervisors and other units when upgrades/downgrades are needed. Somewhere in between there - a diplomat and Miss/Mr Congeniality. If you aren’t resilient, then you learn to be. Very fast.

- Nurse X (via idledancer)

So true.

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Run done. Now I ride and then I get to relax and craft. It’s Christmas card season



I absolutely NEED this shirt!

I love this! 

In Canada they should have hockey nets. That’s what they have done at some of the tris I have seen.



I absolutely NEED this shirt!

I love this! 

In Canada they should have hockey nets. That’s what they have done at some of the tris I have seen.

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Swing Day

I’m done my two days and now I’m heading into two nights.  Sometimes having the daytime off before heading to nights feels like a day off, sometimes I spent the whole time thinking about how when I wake up at 0800 today I will not be seeing my pillow again until tomorrow morning. 

Today I need to get in a 3km run.  This is my first week of training for the First Half Marathon in Vancouver.  And I need to make 24 cards for a card exchange on Sunday.  12 birthday cards and 12 sympathy cards.  

Tomorrow morning is also my weigh in day for weight watchers.  So I will get out of work at 0700ish…you never know.  Yesterday I was still charting and doing patient care until 1945.  Then kill half an hour, weigh in and hit the hay.  As a float I don’t usually know until I show up at the hospital where I’m going but tonight will be my third night with the same set of patients…both a blessing and a curse.  Since the hospital has been beyond its limits as of late we have hallway patients and that means my assignment has grown from 4 to 5.  

[Healthcare rant] ]On a completely side note, having patients in the hallway that are sick enough to warrant admission to the hospital terrifies me. Yesterday I got a hugely out of whack electrolyte value for a patient who did note have a proper bed with access to oxygen, suction, extra power outlets etc.  Luckily that lab value was incorrect, however the repeat draw showed a completey different set of issues that needed to be dealt with and the patient still didn’t get a room.  [End healthcare rant]